Negotiating a lower vehicle hand controls cost

One aspect of purchasing hand controls which people tend to overlook is with regards to negotiating, and it’s a powerful tool for saving hundreds of dollars.

One thing which I reiterate over and over is that it’s beneficial to visit as many different disabled car dealerships as you can.  This is imperative for a few reasons; firstly it gives you a much better feel for the prices involved, it also gives you greater choice as well as negotiation power later on.

It’s important to recognize a one thing at this point.  Disabled car shops are completely for-profit shops that are simply trying to make the most money they can do – and yes, at your expense if it’s necessary.  As soon as money becomes involved, let’s be honest, ethics go out of the window – and this is no exception.

Seeing as these shops are essentially middlemen since they do not create the product itself and merely install it, they simply take a slice of the pie from the manufacturer… and you of course.  However the service they offer is necessary because they provide in-store mechanics that are specifically trained to install what they sell.

Negotiating the price is something rarely undertaken, but which can be used to startling effect to reduce the vehicle hand controls cost.  Remember they’re making several hundred dollars from your sale, so I’m going to present a few tips to shave their profit margins down as much as possible.

To start with, if you’re armed with knowledge of prices from different shops (including the installation value which is generally 50% of the total cost) then you’re in a much stronger position to negotiate.

If you can say something along the lines “shop xzy offered this to me at price xzy” you’ll be in a much better position to save money.

It’s important to recognize the big price variation when purchasing hand controls with regards to the different manufacture’s products, disabled car dealerships and the technologies involved.  Shopping around and picking something which caters specifically to your requirements can easily save hundreds of dollars.

But ultimately if you’re in a tough position regarding money then it might be worth picking an alternative to purchasing permanent vehicle car controls which is cheaper – such as portable models which are easily 250 dollars.

I think you should also realize that the cheapest hand controls aren’t always the worst, it’s not about the price value and it’s far more about its specific capabilities such as if it operates with mechanical linkage.

It’s also worth recognizing the issues with the installation process, you can read our page on our vehicle hand controls installation warning if you want to find out more information on this.

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