My Story

My story isn’t anything compared to the daily struggle of people living with serious disabilities.  But my horrific accident, frustrating recovery and story afterwards are something which you’ll be able to appreciate.

I was 19 at the time of my accident, and I’m still 19.  My accident has inspired my to make this website because like many people my age I was blissfully unaware of the suffering which disabled people have to endure.  It’s the little things which make the big difference.  When I was starting to walk again wearing my spine brace and crutches I slipped on a wet surface in a Tesco’s because the cleaner hadn’t put up a sign saying ‘Wet Floor’.  I never thought those signs were necessary, but when I was falling towards the ground and I rapidly chose to sacrifice my spine which had recovered substantially more than my hip your perspective changes.  Sacrificing a damaged part of your body because a cleaner couldn’t be bothered to put up a sign.  It’s not a nice feeling.

My story has three parts.

  • The Recovery – Thai Hospital – this is the story of the two weeks I spent in a Thai hospital: my arrival, A&E, wrestling with insurance companies, the language barriers, the weight loss, physical therapy and so forth.
  • The Relatives – Recovering with Relatives in Malaysia – this is the one month period of gradual recovery: multiple food poisonings, further weight loss, poor sleeping conditions, further injuries sustained.  (still being written).


Handicap Equipment

Standing for the first time since my accident