My 2012 List of Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

There are two different types of hand controls for disabled drivers each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.  Generally these affect the product’s price, functionality and installation process.  Hand controls for disabled drivers are an important aspect of the mobility scene and allow disable people to drive using only their hands.  You can find out about permanent and portable hand controls for disabled drivers below.

Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Below you’ll find a list of the current most popular portable hand controls which I’ve reviewed and looked into so far.  There are actually several which I have not yet reviewed and do not have enough information to give you at this moment in time, but rest assured that I chose to look at the best portable hand controls first.  There are only a few other types of portable hand controls for disabled drivers and one which I’ll quickly mentioned is the Alfred Bekker portable hand control kit.  Please do not buy this kit, research into and buy anything but these portable car hand controls because I’ve heard numerous reports and received several emails regarding their meek durability.  Apparently they will sometimes actually snap and break whilst driving, so please do yourself a favor and do not purchase them.

Freedom Staff Portable Hand Controls – the Freedom Staff hand controls are our most popular product and you can purchase them for under 300 dollars on Amazon.  Go ahead and read our review here before checking out what people on Amazon think via their reviews.  I do not actually sell this myself yet, but I’ve heard many reports about their effectiveness and functionality.  The Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Kit is not only low in cost but a highly effective tool for driving as a paraplegic too.

TNT Portable Hand Controls – coming in at number two are the TNT driving controls which are also similar in price and can be purchased on Amazon.  These have been around for a long time and although their website looks like it was made by a 12 year old with notepad they’re sturdily made and great for drivers using only their hands.

PHC 3 Portable Hand Controls – the PHC 3 hand controls by WheelAbility have been around for awhile now and have even featured in Japan.  They’re easy to use, light and made from durable components but they’re a little but more expensive than their competition.  These are not available on Amazon but can be purchased from the WheelAbility website (which also looks like a 12 year old made it).

AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls – some people say these are a rip-off of TNT’s hand controls but whether it’s true or not AZ-1 hand controls are still reasonably popular.  Generally people prefer the products I’ve listed above but in my opinion that’s only because they’ve been around longer and are more established – most of these hand controls are similar in design and the same is true of AZ-1’s product too.

Permanent Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Most portable devices are standalone one device products but the same is not true of permanent hand controls for disabled drivers.  These are constructed by businesses who (apart from Menox) have many different products on offer.  Menox has one hand control, GuidoSimplex has around 30, MPS Monarch has 4 and Mobility Products and Design has about 10 hand controls for disabled drivers.  You can find out more about each of their different hand control products below.

Menox Hand Controls – most people are interested in the price of Menox hand controls more than anything else because they’re notoriously expensive at around 2,100 dollars, that’s about 6 times more expensive than almost all of the portable hand controls I’ve listed above.  Nevertheless many people are happy to spend that kind of money on the Menox hand control because of its functionality and stability which is difficult to find elsewhere.  Menox is a famous Danish disabled vehicle equipment manufacturer and they produce only one hand control but it’s a definitely a great one and reasonably popular.

GuidoSimplex Hand Controls – whereas Menox produces only one hand control GuidoSimplex produces dozens of different hand controls.  GuidoSimplex even have electronic hand controls for disabled drivers as well as even one or two hydraulically powered hand controls which is fairly unique.  If you’re looking for brand new ways of driving a car then GuidoSimplex is right for you because they have unmatched variety.

MPS Monarch Hand Controls – sometimes MPS Monarch hand controls are simply referred to as Monarch hand controls or sometimes as MPS hand controls.  I’ve chosen to combine MPS Monarch together for simplicity and you can find out about their four different manual hand controls for disabled drivers, these are very popular because they’re relatively cheap at 700 dollars and yet still retain the sturdiness and functionality of permanent hand controls.

MPD Hand Controls – Mobility Products and Design’s hand controls (usually known as MPD) have a large array of products on offer. In many ways they’re very similar to MPS Monarch because they have manual mechanical hand controls at similar prices with the products even looking similar.  There’s a lot to choose from when you look at MPD hand controls for disabled drivers.

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  1. Hi Johnathan!
    I recently purchased an 05 PT cruiser and the space for handcontrols is limited. I have been using a permanent hand control (and yes destroying the vehicle during installation) for better than 35 years and I am very interested in the Guido Simplex manual controls. I live near Kansas City, MO and would like to see one before purchasing and also find out what they cost. So – how far do I have to drive to see one? And how much do they cost? My husband is a mechanic and has been installing my hand controls for years. I hope to purchase a new set and install it at home.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Currently I do not sell any GuidoSimplex equipment however you can utilize the ‘States’ function on the top of the website to find local mobility equipment dealerships to find what you’re looking for.


      J Bell

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