MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Tri-Pin Spinner

When it comes to steering wheel attachments which assist the driver in turning the vehicle you’ll find that the Tri-Pin Spinner which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is one of perhaps two or three options which practically everybody chooses.

It’s designed to allow the driver to turn the wheel with only one hand if required, as is often the case when using hand controls.  It can be used in conjunction with a knob for occasional two handed usage, or a counter balance to offset the additional weight added to one side of the wheel.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Tri-Pin Spinner

The device consists of three ‘pins’, which are metal cylinders which are covered in padding and protrude vertically up and outwards away from the wheel.

The two pins which are parallel are designed to encase the user’s wrist offering support to allow for an easier and more relaxed driving experience.  Although for many people this is simply an extra level of comfort, it also serves a practical purpose for those with weak wrists or low energy levels.

The top pin is designed to be clasped by the wrist, and you use both your grip strength and wrist to help you turn the wheel.

MPS Monarch Tri-Pin Spinner

In my opinion most people are going to choose between a knob and a pin grip, such as a single pin or tri-pin (these two options are pretty much your only choice).

When it comes down to it it’s simply a matter of personal preference, some people base the decision on how hard the effort required is, how it feels in your hand or even how it looks.

I would suggest that this is the best because it offers wrist support, as well as a firm grip with a simple turning action for usage.

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