MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

The spinner knob which is designed and manufactured by MPS Monarch is an aid to assist in turning the steering wheel while using hand controls.

Of all of the different types of additional driving equipment which handicapped drivers use you’ll find that a steering knob is a staple requirement.  Using hand controls means that you’ll generally only have one hand to engage the wheel, which makes turning more difficult.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Using the Spinner Knob (which are actually banned in the US and UK for non-disabled drivers) allows you to turn the wheel without requiring the effort or two hands.

However the reason it’s banned for regular drivers is because when using two hands you turn the car too swiftly and can end up easily causing accidents.

Generally this type of driving equipment is the most popular and is the most widely used, sometimes in conjunction with a Counter Balance or a vertical handle.

MPS Monarch Spinner Knob

They’re cheap and useful, and in some respects they’re similar to pedal guards – they’re not necessarily required but they make driving safer and easier.

It is of course possible to drive without one but you’ll find that experience more testing, and if you want a more relaxing driving experience then I’d certainly recommend investing in one.

One feature which is prominent in most MPS products is its Quick Release feature which allows for its rapid removal without training or equipment.  This is especially useful if the vehicle is driven by able bodied people as well as disabled people.

Ultimately there’s nothing special about this device, just as there’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s one unique feature is its Quick Release mechanism but aside from this I’d base whether to buy this product or not purely on the price.

If another manufacturer has a similar product (they’re all very similar) at a cheaper price than there’s no reason to go for this just because you’re going for MPS hand controls.

It’s worth remembering that the prices can vary substantially for such niche driving equipment and checking around for the lowest prices in your local disabled car shops can show a surprising variety in prices and save you a lot of money.

Other Steering Wheel Attachments Manufactured by MPS Monarch


If you’re interested in all the other similar products by MPS Monarch then you can check out our specific page which outlines all their products with concise information or in-depth reviews.

One of the more advanced and widely used devices is the tri-pin spinner which is also by MPS Monarch and is worth checking out too.

This piece of equipment is only slightly more advanced but it’s very useful, and personally it’s what I’d choose to buy because if its wrist and hand support.

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