MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Single Post

The Single Post spinner is a steering wheel attachment which is designed to allow rapid and easy turning of the steering wheel, generally in conjunction with a steering knob.  This particular model is manufactured by MPS Monarch.

Generally within the disabled mobility community this may be referred to as a single pin grip as opposed to ‘single post’ which is how it’s been branded here.  Essentially it’s a relatively thick metal pin which protrudes vertically upright, encased in foam padding for comfort.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Single Post

Like many MPS products it has their Quick Release mechanism built in which allows for its rapid removal should the need arise.  This is useful if used in conjunction with portable devices, or their own in-house hand controls because it allows for the vehicle to be driven by an able-bodied person without requiring complete removal of the handicap driving equipment.

  • This is in stark contrast to manufacturers such as Menox/Veigel which are purely for disabled usage only.

Most people choosing an aid to assist them in turning the steering wheel with just one hand, and generally the three most popular choices are knobs, single pin grips (such as this) or tri-pin grips.

MPS Monarch Single Post

Many people also choose a combination of the two, and I’d say this or the tri-pin grip are generally seen as the most popular.

  • There’s no complex reason for this, the equipment is cheap, practical and most importantly functional.

The main reason people choose to use steering aids is because using hand controls requires near-constant attention from one hand which means most of the time you only have one hand to steer the car.

In this case having a knob/handle is far more effective at turning the vehicle, and although knobs are banned because they turning the steering wheel too sharply this isn’t the case of you’re disabled and have a genuine need of it.

Other Steering Wheel Attachments Manufactured by MPS Monarch


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