MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Quad Fork Spinner

The Quad Fork Spinner which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is very similar to the Palm Spinner which they also produce and on this page I’ll go over what it is, its uses and how it’s different from the Palm Spinner.

The main reason you’d use this device is if you had a very weak grip and so using a knob or handle which was attached to the wheel would be impossible or too difficult to sustain over long journeys.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Quad Fork Spinner

This particular piece of driving equipment only requires you to insert your hand and palm in between the leather-bound metal strips.

This means that you can turn without needing to use your fingers or wrist, but rather by using the muscle strength in your arm.

  • Furthermore you can actually reshape the metal strips to a size/shape which is best for you.

For the vast majority of drivers this type of steering equipment simply isn’t required because generally hand grip strength isn’t affected by most disabilities.

MPS Monarch Quad Fork Spinner

  • On the other hand there will be a minority of people (especially with degenerative diseases) who’ll find this incredibly useful.

The only way it’s different to the palm spinner is that the metal strips are longer and shoot up and out at a near-vertical angle.

Other Steering Wheel Attachments Manufactured by MPS Monarch


This could be used in conjunction with the Counter Balance which is also a steering wheel attachment by MPS Monarch.

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If you were interested in this device it might be worth checking out the Single Post attachment which is also made by the same manufacturer.

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