MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Palm Spinner

The Wheel Palm Spinner which is made by MPS Monarch is a device which allows for easier steering than knobs or handles for some people.

There are a few major reasons for this which I’ll quickly look into, but one of the unique features of this is that the metal which is encased within the leather is malleable; meaning it can be molded and set back into the leather.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Palm Spinner

This allows for the driver to be able to adjust the Palm Spinner to a shape which they prefer, and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy using knobs or handles than this may be perfect for you.

What’s more is that the motion uses the palm as much as it does the fingers, some people prefer this because constantly grasping a knob can be a tiring experience.

This device gives the flexibility which some people definitely will prefer, however I think it’s worth pointing out that most people will probably not want and certainly not require this kind of car equipment.

MPS Monarch Palm Spinner

Generally speaking I’ve found that the vast majority of people find knobs and pin grips to be the best solution to allow for easy one handed turning of the steering wheel which hand controls generally require.

However, if you find that knobs/handles aren’t comfortable – and you want to rest your hand because it’s enclosed within the leather sides than this will be perfect for you.

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