MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Counter Balance

The Counter Balance which is produced by MPS Monarch is designed to be attached to the steering wheel and is used in conjunction with another attachment.

The point of the counter balance is to offset the weight of additional equipment and so it’s placed directly opposite to the (for example) steering knob.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Counter Balance

This is generally used in conjunction with heavier pieces of steering equipment or when there are multiple attachments which are being used on one side.

This allows for a driving experience which requires less exertion by the handicapped person hence creating an easier driving experience.  It’s especially useful for those who have problems regarding fatigue issues, those who want to drive for longer or finally those who just want to relax more whilst driving.

The design is quick release meaning that it can be removed quickly for regular driving without having to use any equipment or requiring any special training.

  • It’s generally set with the weight set inwards however it can be positioned as is deemed comfortable.

MPS Monarch Counter Balance

Finally I think it’s important to note that although there’s definitely some driving equipment which is important, I don’t believe this is.

This isn’t required and most people won’t bother to use this kind of device because any positive effects are minimal, and although you’ll find that this isn’t particularly expensive it’s still not worth the money in my honest opinion.

Getting a tri-pin grip (for example) which allowed you to turn the steering wheel with ease whilst resting your wrist is a much better way to spend your money; especially if your funds are limited.

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It might be worth checking out the Palm Spinner also by MPS Monarch if you’re interested in a different way of turning your steering wheel other than your regular knob attachment.

Or you can read all about the different MPS Monarch steering wheel attachments to assist disabled driving here for a complete list of all of their products as well as additional concise information.

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