MPS Monarch Right Turn Levers

The Right Turn Lever is an extended turn signal lever which is placed just above the steering wheel and slightly to the right hand side.  This is an MPS Monarch manufactured driving accessory designed to allow a vital function of the car’s control to be located within easy reach from the steering wheel and other control devices.

One of the main reasons people opt for this device is so that they’re able to have a more secure and easier driving experience.

MPS Monarch Right Turn Levers

Using hand controls means that inevitably you’ll have just one hand on the wheel all the time, or use a second hand occasionally, or finally if you have very large hands (or perhaps a very compact setup) you can potentially have your hand on both the handle of the hand control and your steering wheel – however this isn’t the case for most people.

The reality of only having one hand on the wheel means that it can sometimes be a little tricky in order to operate the turn signals whilst your other two hands are occupied.  Able bodied drivers with two hands on the wheel clearly have no problem in this area, and although there are more sophisticated solutions by GuidoSimplex such as secondary car function keypads, I believe this particular attachment is far more widely available, cheaper and almost as good.

This could and potentially should be used in conjunction with a Gear Shift Extension, or the Parking Brake Extensions both of which are manufactured by MPS Monarch.

MPS Monarch Right Turn Signal Lever

Ultimately many people don’t need this type of driving accessory, but if you as a disabled driver think it will improve your enjoyment as well as reduce the chances of a collision then it’s something I’d highly recommend.

In this instance I would say it’s very much a ‘personal call’ only other pieces of equipment which I would definitely recommend for everyone.  Only you know whether it’s going to be beneficial to you or just get in the way.

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