MPS Monarch Right Angle Hand Controls

MPS Monarch manufacturers some of the most popular hand controls in the world, and their right angle hand control is probably their most popular for reasons I’ll outline below – as well as reasons why it might not be for you.

To start with this model utilizes mechanical linkage which allows for the disabled driver to brake and accelerate far more easily.  It reduces the maximum input of effort required and spreads out the force applied to create a smoother and less jerky action.  The brakes are applied by pushing away outwards from your body, and the gas (acceleration) is engaged by pushing downwards toward your laptop.  This forward and downward movement is where the ‘Right Angle’ model name comes from.

MPS Monarch Right Angle Hand Controls

The MPS Monarch Right Angle Hand Control

Generally this specific model is probably one of the most popular in the US at the moment, with manufacturers like Jeff Gosling being popular in the UK.

This isn’t a particularly special model, but what it provides is a perfect balance between ease of operation and price.

The Monarch Right Angle model costs around 400 dollars (although this price will vary on the disabled car dealership you make your purchase from), and installation will probably be around 200 dollars (but again this varies) – these are average figures and I think you’ll find they’re surprisingly accurate.

I’ve come to these figures be talking to people, reading through forums and calling several disabled car dealerships personally.  There will be price variation, but it shouldn’t vary too much.

I say that this is the perfect balance because it provides the mechanical linkage which generally costs significantly more.  Taking a look at the Menox hand control (for example) purchase and installation of that costs 2,000 dollars – and although it has some big advantages these are peripheral ones.

MPS Monarch Right Angle Disabled Hand Controls

The MPS Monarch Right Angle Disabled Hand Control

The Menox device may come with little extras here and there, but it’s very much a question of asking yourself what you want.  You want to be able to drive using your hands, and the Right Angle model allows a comparably very cheap price as well as having 90% of the capabilities of models which are ‘premium’ and cost thousands of dollars.

My honest opinion is that this is the best balanced model out there.  It gets the job done, it allows for easier driving (compared to non-mechanized and portable hand controls) – and it does it at a very reasonable price.  A good product for a reasonable price, as opposed to a great product for a ridiculous price – or highly inferior product for a slightly cheaper price.

The perfect compromise.

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