MPS Monarch Push Rock Hand Controls

The Push Rock hand control is similar but slightly inferior to their Ring Angle hand control, and it’s manufactured by MPS Monarch too.

The first difference is that it’s not a mechanized hand control, there’s no mechanical linkage which reduces the amount of effort required for engagement as well as creating a smoother action.  Next the handle is vertically upright as opposed to being horizontally place.  Overall it’s a decent design, but there are better disabled driving solutions for similar prices.

MPS Monarch Push Rock Hand Controls

MPS Monarch Push Rock Hand Controls

To start with one thing which is really important to point out is how the ‘push pull’ and ‘push rock’ driving controls differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

It would seem that depending on the manufacturer the meaning is different, and in this case for the push rock, you ‘rock’ is backwards into yourself to accelerate (in a pulling motion) and ‘push’ it forwards away from yourself to brake.

The big difference is that most of their competitors are more intuitive in the descriptive language they use.  Usually ‘push pull’ means pushing forward horizontally and pulling back horizontally.  However for MPS Monarch, ‘push pull’ means pulling the hand control horizontally into yourself, and pushing in towards the floor.

It’s a little confusing because the different companies use the same language to describe different things.

Ultimately I want classify this as one of MPS Monarch Hand Controls more basic devices, generally only portable hand controls are ‘worse’ than this.

MPS Monarch Push Rock Hand Controls

MPS Monarch Push Rock Hand Controls

It doesn’t come with anything which makes it particularly special, and it’s very much a standard device with no mechanical linkage assistance.

It requires a trained mechanic for a permanent installation and requires minor modifications to the car.  This must be purchased through a disabled car dealership who will also install it for you, and generally MPS Monarch disabled driving devices cost perhaps around 400-500 dollars for the model and then several hundred dollars for installation.

If you want to find out more about their different devices you can check out our page on MPS Monarch Push Pull Hand Controls to find out about another similar model.  Or you can use the link further above and check out all of their hand controls including their Right Angle model which we think is their best device so far.

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