MPS Monarch Pedals

MPS Monarch only offers basic which are designed to be incorporated with their hand controls.  Generally the appropriate pedals are included in the price with the hand controls which you purchase and have installed.  You can find out everything on their three specific models by following the links below, or read a less detailed paragraph further down the page.

MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal

MPS Monarch Accelerator Brake Guard Pedal

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal


Brief Pedals Information on MPS Monarch Product


When it comes to pedals you’ll find there’s a fairly limited range and so it might be better checking out the competitor’s products such as those by GuidoSimplex or Mobility Products and Design.

There’s nothing which is unique or manufactured in a way which substantially reduces the cost, altogether I would say the pedals presented below are very average and some will come as standard to be used in conjunction with their hand controls

MPS Monarch Pedals

Accelerator Guard Pedal


This particular MPS Monarch accelerator guard pedal is designed to protect only the gas pedal from accidental engagement and acceleration, whilst leaving open the brake pedal for usage.

  • This is to be used by people who still have one operational leg and choose to utilize one leg for the brake.


Accelerator Brake Guard Pedal


This model, the accelerator and brake guard pedal is what most people will be using because it protects both the gas and brake from accidental engagement making it perfect for paraplegics.  This is exactly the same as the above design just with an extra cover for the brake.

  • It’s worth checking out the specific pages which are linked above if you want to find out everything there is to know.


Left Foot Gas Pedal


The left foot acceleration pedal is designed to allow for the left leg to be used as opposed to the right leg with regards to accelerating the vehicle.  The point of this is to allow people who can only use their left leg to have the opportunity to accelerate instead of braking – the reason for this is that it requires much more effort using your hands to constantly accelerate as opposed to occasionally braking.


Driving with MPS Monarch


If you’re interested in the handicapped equipment manufactured MPS Monarch then it’s worth checking out their specific page which lists all of their products and services, provides concise information or detailed if required, and finally lots of extra useful information to help you make the right choices with regards to your driving experience.

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