MPS Monarch Parking Brake Extensions

The Parking Brake Extension(s) which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is designed to allow foot controlled parking brake pedals to be operated by the hand via a lever extension which reaches upwards under the dashboard close to the steering wheel.

As with many of the different accessories which is on offer by MPS Monarch this is designed to centralize the action area for this particular car function.

By centralization of the handle to operate the brake close to the steering wheel it allows for a short distance in order for operation times to be reduced.

MPS Monarch Parking Brake Extensions

One thing that’s worth pointing out is that in terms of strength, grip and momentum required there’s absolutely no difference than the pedal.  In this sense the technology isn’t as assistive as it could be because there’s no mechanism making the process easy.  This is purely for the convenience of having a practical location in order for easy operation.

This is a must have if you do have both a parking brake pedal and complete lack of use of both of your legs.  If you still have use of one leg then it’s very much a judgment call on your part as to whether you’re able to use that one leg.

MPS Monarch Parking Brake Extension Handle

If you have use of one leg but you have a degenerative disease whereby you can envisage a situation soon in the future where you won’t be able to operate the floor parking brake then it’s up to you as to whether you want to get it installed.

I personally think that it may be worth getting used to using it before you actually need to use it all the time, but it’s another judgment call on your part.

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