MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal

The MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal allows the accelerator to be operated with the left foot via a pedal transfer mechanism, and a pedal guard.

Driving with your left foot allows for a disabled driver who can only use his left leg to accelerate which is much more useful than braking.  The reason for this is that when used in conjunction with hand controls (which is a must of course), driving requires constant use of the gas acceleration as opposed to braking.  Trying to constantly accelerate using your hand is far more tiresome than just the occasional braking, and this model reflects this.

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal

The MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal

What I like about this installation is that a pedal cover guard is installed as standard along with it.  This is to prevent accident engagement of the original right pedal.  There’s a metal floor plate with a new gas pedal placed on the left hand side.

This is a permanent installation and cannot be quickly removed unless by a professionally trained disabled vehicle mechanic.  However, this doesn’t mean non disabled driver can’t use the device, it’s the case that the action parts of the device can be removed – but the base plate is attached to the floor and cannot be quickly taken off.

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal Accelerator Guard

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal Accelerator Guard

What’s more is that the angle and positioning of the left gas pedal is adjustable which is incredibly useful.  One issue which actually occurs across a lot of disabled driving equipment is that they’re not adjustable enough.  If the angle makes resting your foot on the pedal uncomfortable it’s going to provide serious comfort issues and over time is going to be incredibly annoying.

With the MPS left foot accelerator you can adjust the angle which it faces so that your foot can sit in a relaxed position on it.  Furthermore its positioning on the bar is adjustable too which allows you to alter its position horizontally along the bar.

This particular model is better than most because of these adjustability options and quick release feature.  It’s not anything ground breaking, no MPS Monarch products are – but what this product (and the manufacturer in general) offers is a good product at reasonable price.  Generally this is what most people are looking for, and I’d say that I can’t find any faults with this particular pedal device.

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal Entire Device

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal Entire Device


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  1. Bob says:

    Is there a PDF on how to install the mps peddle I have a used one and I want to install it in my truck
    Thank You

  2. Linda bergner says:

    I’m looking for left foot accelerated for a 2011 Chevy Traverse. How much for equipment and how much for installation of said equipment? Where would one go to have installed in Glendale, AZ?

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