MPS Monarch Gear Shift Extension

The Gear Shift Extension which is manufactured by MPS Monarch is generally designed to be used with their hand controls and provides easy access for drivers who need to change the gear whilst facing the constraints of their driving equipment.

One issue with using hand controls is that they require one hand to be almost always engaged with the device which means that there’s less attention giving to steering, changing gears and using other buttons and switches (such as turn signals, the honk or less importantly the radio).

MPS Monarch Gear Shift Extension

One design which is inherent in most of the various types of handicapped driving accessories is that where possible they’re attached close to, onto or under the steering wheel.

This allows the driver who will most likely only has one hand firmly on the wheel the ability to quickly switch between steering and using (in this case) the extended shift stick.  In fact many people can keep one hand on the extension and one hand on the wheel at the same time due to their close proximity to one another.

As you can see by the images of the product, it’s close enough for most people with average to large hands to be able to comfortably fit their hands around both when required.

MPS Monarch Extended Gear Stick

There are many different types of additions close to the wheel which allow for easy usage of the add-on itself and the steering wheel at the same time.

Using the device is similar in motion to the regular gear stick; the movements required are the same however it may take some getting used to.

I would recommend taking it slow to begin with because all the movements are the same that doesn’t mean that the direction will be either.  If you’re unused to multitasking using the wheel then it would be best to practice a little in your car before you actually set out – and yes, you will feel incredibly silly doing so.

Other Accessories Manufactured by MPS Monarch


If the gear extension interested you then the Right Turn Levers also by MPS Monarch Corporation may well come in handy because they allow a very similar situation to take place where the turn signals are operational by an extended lever which is in close proximity to the steering wheel.

Otherwise it’ll be worth checking out all the different MPS Monarch accessories which include there different accessories, as well as providing a link to their main page which lists every single one of their products regardless of its category.

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