MPS Monarch Drop Down Turn Signal

The Drop Down Turn Signal is an easy solution towards the problem of not having enough hands for both steering and using your hand controls, whilst trying to signal to other vehicles that you know wish to turn.

Without this device you only have two other options, the first is with a control keypad which wirelessly controls secondary car functions (not just the turn signals) and the second option is to improve the speed at which you move your hands – which may not be feasible in some instances.

MPS Monarch Drop Down Turn Signal

This product works by having a simple attachment gripped towards the handle controlling the turn signal, which then has an extensions going vertically downwards close to where the handle for your hand controls are.

Once the vertical extension is within easy reach of the handle it then pivots at a 90 degree right handle into its own miniature handle which runs parallel to the hand control.  It’s important to note that the handle for the turn signal isn’t padded and both of them aren’t designed to both be held at the same time for more than a split second.

Drop Down Turn Signal Attachment

The point of this attachment is to allow your hand to quickly extend its fingers upwards and click the turn signal into the desired position, allowing you to keep your hand on the acceleration/brakes of the vehicle and hence retaining your control.

 Although useful this device has a very simple design which tends to be somewhat of a hallmark when it comes to MPS Monarch products.

Drop Down Turn Signal Extension Handle

They’re simple, effective, widely available and cheap too.  You won’t find the most advanced products with this manufacturer, but they certainly offer innovative solutions to problems which haven’t even occurred to other manufacturers.

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If you found this useful then it might be worth looking into the parking brake extensions also made by MPS Monarch.

Or if you want to see all of their accessories then see the MPS Monarch accessories main page for further information on all of their different products, including their extended turn signal which is similar to this in some ways.

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  1. Janet Stonecipher says:

    Hi, I need a drop down Turn Signal Extender. Where can I purchase one? With my last van, the mobility place made one for me. I just purchased a new van in a different city, and this business has been much less helpful. They seem to think it is not a problem to let go of my hand controls to reach for the turn signal, but I assure you in Houston traffic, it IS a problem. Anyway, if you could tell me where I could purchase one of these, I would appreciate it.


    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Janet, I would recommend doing a simple Google search for ‘mobility vehicle dealerships’ or ‘disabled car shops’ followed by ‘Houston’ or perhaps the county or state you’re living in to locate local businesses. They’re correct in the sense that it isn’t technically necessary if you’re fast enough but most people do not want to take that risk, and therefore locating mobility dealerships and then calling them up and inquiring is the best route for you to go down.

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