MPS Monarch Brake Only Hand Controls

A Brake Only device is a specific hand controls model which is perfectly suited for use by a disabled driver who has sufficient strength to use his leg to accelerate.  MPS Monarch also has a left foot gas pedal so which leg can be used to operate the vehicle is irrelevant.

Generally you’ll find that most people will bother to utilize a left side acceleration pedal if it’s so needed.  The reason being that it’s far easier to accelerate using your foot than using your hands, especially for long periods of time.  Using a brake only hand control is vital, and this particular model is a relatively simple device with some useful advantages.

MPS Monarch Brake Only Hand Controls

MPS Monarch Brake Only Hand Controls

To start with I think it’s worth noting that one aspect which makes this model unique is that the accelerator hand control can be fitted onto this device should it become necessary.  This is essentially one of your regular MPS Monarch hand controls which is missing the acceleration part.

This makes it cheaper, as well as useful if you have a (for example) muscle wasting disease where eventually you’ll lose the use of a leg.  Most brake only models (such as by GuidoSimplex) are standalone devices, which are admittedly superior, but do not easily (and cheaply) allow for acceleration installations which are compatible.

Which hand control you want to use is you since you’re simply getting the hand control which doesn’t have the acceleration part.  I would suggest the MPS Monarch Right Angle Hand Controls model (otherwise known as the Monarch A1) hand control, because it utilizes mechanical linkage which makes driving easier.

MPS Monarch Brake Only Hand Control

On the other hand if your budget is restricted then opting for another option will be a decision that you have to make.  If your budget isn’t a problem then I would probably opt for a GuidoSimplex brake only hand control because the choice, capabilities and flexibility with regards to customization is unmatched.

The differences with purchasing and installing the brake only device are that you’ll be able to alter the movement to brake and the effort required.

Depending on what model you get, you can either push towards the ground at a 90 degree angle, or push horizontally forward.

With regards to the effort required it’s important to recognize that you can either utilize mechanical linkage which reduces the input of effort required and allows for a smoother usage of the hand controls, or not have this technology and find it more difficult and jerkier to use.

If I had the money, this isn’t the device or manufacturer I’d go for – but if you have limited funds, or you think that your leg will become unusable in the future then I think it’s a suitable choice.

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