MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal

The Accelerator Pedal Guard is manufactured by MPS Monarch to protect the gas pedal from accidental engagement by a foot.

This is generally used in conjunction with hand controls or a left gas pedal, and it’s designed as a safeguard.  Interference with the pedal which is being used by a hand control can have deadly consequences.

MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal

This requires a permanent installation of a metal floor plate which is bolted to the floor of the vehicle.  It actually comes as part of the left foot gas pedal, just without the left foot pedal – and so it’s almost identical.

One useful aspect of this device is that pedal utilizes a quick release mechanism which makes it removal very easy.  But this doesn’t mean you’re removing the floor plate, just the action part of the model which stops engagement of the acceleration pedal.

It’s similar in a sense to semi-permanent hand controls which have action parts which can be removed to allow for a non-disabled driver, whilst retaining certain pieces of disabled driving equipment to which the action parts are reattached too.

MPS Monarch Gas Guard PedalThe MPS Accelerator Guard is recommend by Driving Evaluators to guard against inadvertent contact with the vehicle accelerator pedal. The superior design Quick Release function makes removal for able bodied persons easy!

MPS Monarch Pedals


The crucial difference between this and the accelerator and brake guard is that this only covers the gas pedal as opposed to everything, which means that this is generally designed for people with use of one leg when driving.

If you want to check out every single one of their pedal designs check out our page on MPS Monarch pedals for further information.

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