MPS Monarch

If you’re looking for decent, sturdy, reasonably priced and highly portable hand controls you’ve come to the right place.  These controls have absolutely nothing on the advanced features of the likes of Viegel or Menox, but when it comes to the core product at an affordable price few can compare with Monarch Hand Control solutions.

MPS Monarch Hand Controls

MPS Monarch Pedals

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Attachments

MPS Monarch Accessories


Brief MPS / Monarch Product Information and Capabilities


If you’re looking for a manufacturer with a wide selection of products covering most aspects of driving as a disabled person, with competitive prices and widespread distribution then I suggest looking into MPS Monarch.  They have a relatively wide array of products (perhaps the 2nd or 3rd largest), decent albeit sometimes basic products and reasonable prices.  Find out about their different equipment categories below.

MPS Monarch


Hand Controls


MPS Monarch is one of the most popular disabled driving manufacturers in the US for a number of reasons.  First they offer a range of hand controls which offer standard but decent capabilities; importantly at a reasonable price.  You’ll find that they’re very much able to achieve 90% of what’s required for handicapped driving.

By utilizing mechanical linkage and a solid design they’re able give drivers what they need without offering minor benefits at a vastly increased price.  Their hand controls don’t have advanced features nor the customization options which other manufacturers offer, but the price which is generally between 500-600 dollars is very reasonable – especially when competitors are trying to sell their own products at several thousand dollars.

MPS Monarch Hand Controls

All the different MPS Monarch Hand Controls Models



This particular manufacturer has a limited number of pedals all of which have been created to be used in conjunction with their standard hand controls.  When you’re purchasing yourself a set to drive with you’ll find that some necessary pedals come as standard, and these include a gas and brake guard in most situations.

There’s also their left foot gas pedal which allows acceleration via the left leg as opposed to the right one, if you’re interested in finding out more about this and why it’s important it’s worth checking out the specific page which is listed above.

MPS Monarch pedals

The Three Different Pedal Designs

Steering Wheel Attachments


Unlike their pedal range which offers a limited selection which is aimed to be used in conjunction with their driving controls you’ll find that there’s an incredibly wide array of steering wheel attachments designed to aid the driver.

These are perfect for casual driving, such as spinning knobs – for more serious driving, such as quad fork spinners or palm spinners – or even unusual situations such as their amputee spinner.  It’s worth checking out the specific page above if you want to find out more about their options available, their choice for steering wheel attachments is far greater than their pedal range.

MPS Monarch Steering Wheel Attachments



There are four driving aid accessories which are worth checking out, their; gear shift extension, right turn lever, drop down turn signal and finally their parking brake extensions.

Once more if any of those products interest you it’s worth checking out their page.

MPS Monarch Driving Accessories

The Four Different Extension Accessories

Driving as a Paraplegic/Disabled person


There’s a reason why MPS Monarch is so popular for hand controls and it’s very simply because they offer good products at reasonable prices, as well as being widely available and having clear and uncomplicated procedures for purchasing and installation – there’s nothing really more to it than that.

If you find their product range too basic then it might be worth checking out manufacturers such as Menox/Veigel, or if they’re too complex/costly than it’ll be worth looking at portable hand controls or perhaps the manufacturer Drive Master.