MPD T-Handle Gear Shift Extension

This Gear Shift Extension is designed to be attached specifically to T-Handle models and allows for easier control over changing the gears and is designed to be used in conjunction with hand controls.  This is a MPD device and the model number is 3546.

One group of people who will immediately benefit from this are people who have difficulty in pressing the button on the side of the gear shift in order to go from parking to other gears (or back to parking) – older people with arthritis are a prime group of people who will find this useful because you can press the button by utilizing your entire hand on the handle and pushing it to the side.

MPD T-Handle Gear Shift Extension

Most people will find it useful because it makes pushing the button a little easier and because the handle extension is much higher and closer to the steering wheel.

This is useful because it reduces the distance from the wheel and the extension handle meaning that you can either grip both in one hand (unless you have a small hand) or you can rapidly switch from one to the other.

Remember that one of your hands will be operating the controls for the acceleration and brakes while the other one is maintaining control of the wheel, so it’s much safer to centralize the location of the action stations of your vehicle such as by right turn signal extensions and even parking brake extension handles.

You can find out about all of Mobility Products and Design’s car extension handles here if you want to see the widest range out of all the different disabled car equipment manufacturers.

When compared to their competition they have many more different devices on display and most of their competition has none at all.

All the manufacturers have their strong and weak points, and MPD’s weak point is their limited pedal range and if I had to point out a string point than this would be theirs – so if you are interested in this kind of assistive equipment it’s worth looking into their products before looking elsewhere.

I’ll point out split between what’s useful on a more universal level and what’s more specific and so probably won’t apply to you.

Their more specific devices are their key extensions and floor parking brake extension – and the devices I listed above, as well as their gear stick extension are probably the most useful.

Many drivers don’t use extensions of any sort and while they’re not all a necessity they can make driving a safer experience and just as importantly make you feel much more comfortable behind the driver’s wheel.

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  1. thomas cullipher says:

    I’m trying to find and T-handle gear shift extension for my mother’s 2004 Cherokee.

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