MPD Steering Control V-Grip

The V-Grip steering wheel attachment is an excellent steering aid for those who want their hand and wrist to be secured and steady while driving.

The device consists of a single pin which shoots vertically straight out of the steering wheel and is generally placed lower down and parallel to the hand control.

What makes this different from the single steering control pin is that this has an aluminum encasement for the back of the hand which keeps your hand steady.  The encasement is also padded in foam for comfort.

The pin is adjustable so you can move it closer or further away so as to be able to fit the right size to perfectly fit your hand.

MPD Steering Control V-Grip

This piece of equipment is somewhat of a contender with the tri pin steering control which is incredibly popular amongst drivers.

Just like its contender the foam covers are replaceable and it’s important to remember that if you don’t like holding onto handle pins then it might be worth looking into Mobility Product and Design’s spinner knobs.

This model number is 3524 and it’s readily available in most disabled car dealerships throughout the United States.

The reason for using a steering aid is because when you’re using hand controls you only have one hand to turn the wheel which can provide problems in terms of the amount of leverage required.

What the different types of MPD steering control equipment achieve is provide extra leverage and support to allow a one handed turning of the wheel without safety or comfort being ignored.

MPD along with all the other manufacturers provide an array of different pieces of equipment which can be attached either permanently or quickly removable.

These are seen as essentially for driving and are used in conjunction with a set of hand controls as well as pedal attachments.


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