MPD Steering Control Single Pin

The classic Single Pin driving grip is a steering control which you’ll find across almost every single manufacturer of disabled driving products due to its simple effect layout and low price.

Using hand controls inevitably means that the driver is unable to always keep both hands on the wheel.  Indeed in most cases there’s usually only one hand on the wheel which can make turning it a little tricky.

Hence the introduction of steering wheel accessories such as by Mobility Products and Design have been introduced in an effort to make one handed turning an easier prospect.

There are numerous different aids on the market, but this model – the MPD 3519 – is generally the most popular, aside from perhaps the similar but more effect tri-pin grip which is also an MPD device.

MPD Steering Control Single Pin

The device itself is generally situated lower down on the steering wheel generally parallel to the hand control handle.

It protrudes directly upwards and outwards and is encased within padded foam to assist from the all important comfort perspective.

Usage is self-explanatory and simply requires the driver to grasp the pin and rotate it as necessary.  If the driver has arthritis or a degenerative disease which causes the hand to have a weak grip then using the palm grip is a good option.

It’s also worth pointing out that this device can be used in conjunction with the counter balance to offset any mass (weight) which the single pin has.  There are various different masses on offer to counter balance various different types of attachments.

Personally I would opt for the tri-pin grip because it offers wrist support which allows relaxing when not in serious usage as well as support when steering.

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