MPD Steering Control Palm Grip

The Palm Grip accessory is to be attached to the steering wheel to grant control with the use of your palm, as opposed to grasping with one’s fingers, as the main driving force for turning the wheel.

The entire device is lightweight due to its primarily aluminum composition which reduces the mass (weight) affecting one side of the wheel and reduces the need for a counter balance.

Operation is as simple as placing your palm on the palm rest, while enclosing your wrist within the aluminum wrap which is designed to keep your wrist in place.

This allows for those with a poor grasp such as people suffer from degenerative diseases or arthritis the ability to turn the wheel using primarily just one hand.

The wrist is protected by a comfortable sheepskin lining which is primarily for comfort but certainly protects the wrist from the damage which unprotected metal would impose.

MPD Steering Control Palm Grip

This particular model is the 3523B and is the perfect solution to those with a poor grasp or motor skills, with a finger rest which stops interference with the steering wheel as well as offering protection to your fingers.

MPS Monarch manufactures the Palm Spinner which is worth looking into because it works to solve the same problem and comes up with a different solution in doing so.

Generally most drivers won’t need this type of steering wheel aid so it won’t be helpful to most people and it’ll generally be the case the single or tri-pin grips are going to be better for most people.

Nevertheless these types of devices are incredibly important for the minority who are unlucky enough to suffer with issues involving the strength in fingers and hands which can be incredibly frustrating.

It’s worth mentioning that the aluminum wrap around the palm is designed to be malleable meaning that you can mould it to fit around your wrist and hence provide better support in turning the wheel.

Finally, if you find that using this device is not enough and you would prefer to partly use your other hand on the steering wheel then it’s worth looking into Mobility Product and Design’s hand controls because some of them are mounted on bent brake rods which allow the handle for the hand control to be fitted closely to the wheel and for the palm to control the handle and the fingers reach up and clasp the wheel – all using just the one hand.

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