MPD Steering Attachment Extension

This steering device extension which is manufactured by MPD (Mobility Products and Design) allows for either a 2” or 3” extension of any of MPD’s steering wheel attachments.

Essentially this device is attached to the steering wheel to bring the steering aids closer to the disabled driver.  This is perfect for people who cannot reach the wheel, people with a weak grasp, people who simply want a more comfortable driving experience.

MPD Steering Wheel Extension

Finally there is the group of often overlooked people with the good idea of positioning the attachment further out so it’s closer to their hand controls set.

This is useful for holding both in one hand (not possible if you have especially small hands) or for decreasing the distance between each device so that switching is as fast as possible.

  • You purchase either a 2 or 3 inch device – it’s not adjustable to go from one to the other.

It’s worth checking out my page on MPD’s steering wheel aids to find out what can be attached as well as what’s right for you.

Unfortunately there appears to be no information on the Mobility Products and Design website as to whether this features a quick release mechanism.

This is quite important because every other attachment which is produced by them can be almost instantly removed and because their hand controls are (to an extent) non intrusive within the vehicle and the pedals you can use all of MPD’s equipment for both disabled and able bodied driving.

Most drivers who are handicapped won’t need this or find it particularly useful so long as they can adjust their position within the vehicle; unfortunately this isn’t possible for everyone – especially those with a smaller car.

There other extensions such as for the car’s keys as well as and gear stick which you may very well find more useful than this.


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