MPD Right Turn Signal Extension

The Right Turn Signal Extension Lever (model 3543B by Mobility Products and Design – MPD) is a simple extension which is incredibly useful for disabled drivers who are using hand controls (portable or permanent).  Find out why below.

The reason this is so useful is because when you use hand controls you only have one hand on the steering wheel (the other is operating the pedals) which means that you need to remove your hand off the wheel to signal either left or right.

MPD Right Turn Signal Extension

The crossover handle goes from the left to the right allowing you to control the signaling with your right hand.  This is useful if; you have hand controls installed on the left side, your left hand’s grasp is weak (arthritis or other degenerative illnesses) or you simply find right hand usage more comfortable.

This extension adds a lightweight handle within close reach of the steering wheel which allows for two possible benefits.

The first is that if it’s positioned correctly (and you don’t have small hands) you can have your fingers wrapped around the turn signals and your palm steering the vehicle.  This doesn’t mean you need to have your fingers clasping the handle all the time but simply a little while before and after signaling.

  • Or if you can’t reach both (or it’s simply uncomfortable) then the distance between the two is simply reduced meaning you can switch quickly between the two.

Ultimately these two benefits allow for a safer driving experience and perhaps just as importantly a greater feeling of safety.  Not having your hands on the wheel (especially when statistically most paraplegics are injured in car accidents) does not allow for consistent confident driving.

Another useful extension control which would be useful to be used in conjunction with this one is the gear stick extension and perhaps if you have a floor mounted parking brake then you can see MPD’s  parking brake extension handle too.

The device is installed using bands which wrap around the original handle which means that no permanent alterations are made to the vehicle so you won’t lose any of the vehicle’s value.

It’s worth reading into all MPD’s vehicle extension controls because they have the largest range of devices from any manufacturer.

Several friends of mine have tried calling up the other disabled driving manufacturers (such as Menox) to no avail and the reality is that MPD’s competition seem to have very few (if any) extension equipment.

It makes a start contrast to their pedal range which is incredibly lacking when compared with everyone else which leads me to two simple conclusions.

If you want extension additions then Mobility Products and Design is for you, but if you want pedal attachments then GuidoSimplex, Menox and MPS Monarch all do far better jobs.

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