MPD Parking Brake Extension

The model number 3541 (by MPD) is an extension of the parking brake (the pedal type) which allows operation of the brake pedal by hand instead of foot.

The device essentially consists of a reach extender which is attached via bolts onto the pedal and allows for control of the brake via the disabled driver’s hands.

MPD Parking Brake Extension

It’s adjustable to fit various vehicles and is perfectly suited to be used in conjunction with hand controls and other disabled driving equipment for people with spinal cord injuries.

It’s operated just like hand controls in the sense that you simply push the handle towards the floor, there’s no extra assistance and it’s simply a hand held extension of the pedal.

  • It folds out of the way which is useful in not inhibiting the hand control’s equipment, and it is made of aluminum making it very lightweight and reasonably strong.

This type of device is only necessary for floor operated parking brakes and generally most cars tend to have parking brakes operated by hand so most people may not need it.

Its necessity is one thing to factor into buying a vehicle specifically for driving as a handicapped person and is generally overlooked.

Mobility Products and Design (MPD) is one of the few manufacturers of this type of specialized car equipment and competitors such as GuidoSimplex, MPS Monarch and Menox tend not to have addressed this issue.

  • The reason for this is perhaps that it simply does not affect enough people to become a problem worth solving for a minority, or perhaps it’s simply overlooked.

Whatever the case is you’ll find that Mobility Products and Design’s various car extension equipment has the largest variety of extensions and these aren’t just aimed at spinal cord injury victims.

Their most popular extension add-ons are their key extensions, right turn signal extension lever and their gear stick extension too.

If you found this page useful it might be worth checking out these devices because you may very well find them necessary for safe and comfortable driving.

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