MPD Gear Stick Extension

The Gear Stick Extension (models 3542) is manufactured by Mobility Products and Design and is generally aimed at disabled drivers to allow a gear selection mechanism to be attached to either the left or right side of the steering wheel.

Essentially the device consists of an extension lever which is attached to the original gear stick.  The positioning is important because using hand controls means you generally only have one hand free to operate the wheel.

MPD Gear Stick Extension

  • The benefit of this is that it’s placed incredibly close to the steering wheel which opens up two uses.

The first is that because it’s much closer to the wheel you can rapidly switch back and forth using one hand without compromising safety.

The second (if you have big hands or it’s positioned very close) is that you can grasp the wheel and extension handle with one hand.

What’s more is that if you use these in conjunction with their hand controls (a specific type where the hand control handle is mounted and rotatable near the wheel) you can have one hand holding the wheel and the hand control handle and your other hand on the other side of the wheel holding the extension handle.

This allows the driver to keep two hands on the wheel as well as maintain control of the gear selection, acceleration and braking.  A complete set up.

It’s worth checking into their other car extension devices if this interests you because there are then other possibilities on offer for you.

A good example would be their emergency hand brake extension as well as their right turn signal extension (which could potentially be used with the gear stick extension for absolute control too!)


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