MPD Foot Control Left Foot Accelerator

The Left Foot Accelerator which is manufactured by Mobility Products and Design allows the gas pedal to be engaged by using the left foot instead of the right.

The installation of a brand new pedal on the left side which is linked to the right acceleration pedal allows the left foot control of the acceleration of the car.

The reason this is useful (and far more useful than an accelerator only pedal guard) is because driving requires constant use of the acceleration as opposed to the occasional need to brake.

This means that driving, especially over long distances, is much easier because you can use your leg instead of your arms for most of the effort required.

MPD Foot Control Left Foot Accelerator

This model (the 3545) has an accelerator pedal guard fit over the old acceleration pedal with a new pedal being placed on the left hand side.

It features a quick release mechanism (like most of MPD’s driving aids) which allows for able bodied use of the vehicle whenever necessary.

Of if you use a lowered floor minivan then using their lowered floor pedal guard is the best option for you because it reaches much further up and the cover is much larger.

Generally Mobility Products and Design only features a very limited number of pedal attachments, all of them apart from this are some type of pedal guard.

I would recommend looking at the GuidoSimplex left foot accelerator pedals on offer because they offer more choice and flexibility than MPD.

You can also find out about all of MPD’s pedal attachments here.


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