MPD Foot Control Advanced Accelerator and Brake Guard

The advanced pedal guard (model number 3573) is similar to the regular accelerator/gas and brake guard apart from it has greater clearance reducing the chances of accidental engagement.

You’ll find a few key differences which makes this safer than the regular version.  The first is that instead of having a completely straight cover plate which is standing vertically upright it’s bent half way through.

The lower half is angled downwards and at an angle which allows for the foot to rest underneath it, preventing the foot from going underneath or accidentally rising over the top.

The top half is angled in a way which acts as a foot rest if the feet were to somehow get as high up as it is.

  • The angular construction makes it more difficult for the feet to accidentally get past the cover and inhibit normal usage.

MPD Foot Control Advanced Accelerator and Brake Guard

Aside from the angling of the plate you’ll find that it’s also a large cover plate and it also has a second handle to access its quick release feature.

Aside from these differences there are some similarities to the regular accelerator and brake guard which is also by MPD.

It features the same quick release mechanism which allows the cover to be detached while leaving the metal floor plate still attached to the ground.

This is perfect to be used in conjunction with MPD’s hand controls which allow able bodied usage as well as their steering controls which are also detectable.  By using MPD products you can allow both able bodied and disabled driving by quickly removing the driving equipment in a matter of minutes when required.

Ultimately although this is quite a large cover it’s not going to be suitable for lowered floor minivan pedal guards which may need to be adjustable in some cases.

Mobility Products and Design has a very limited number of pedal attachments which are limited to variations on their standard pedal guard as well as one left foot gas control unit.

If you’re looking for more variety then I would suggest looking into the manufacturer GuidoSimplex which has a very wide array of equipment.

The only problems you may have with them is being able to locate a disabled car shop which will actually sell them to you.

You can find out more about MPD’s limited pedal and foot controls here which will be especially useful if you need a pedal guard simply because they have so much choice.


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