MPD Foot Control Adjustable Mounted Guard Pedestal

The adjustable mounted pedal guard pedestal is designed specifically for use with vehicles with floors lower than usual cars, such as minivans.

One of the problems with regular pedal guards is that they’re unable to reach up high enough to fully protect the pedal.  In fact in most instances the distance is so great that they don’t achieve what they’re set out to at all.

Pedal covers are designed to stop accidental overhead engagement by the legs interfering with the hand controls, as well as preventing the feet getting trapped underneath the pedals and inhibiting usage.

One useful aspect of this MPD model is that the height of the cover is adjustable allowing for a variety of heights to be obtained.

MPD Foot Control Adjustable Mounted Guard Pedestal

For lowered floor minivans there’s also the 3572 gas and brake guard for lower floor vehicles which is definitely worth looking into.

The difference between these two is that the model 3572 isn’t adjustable, but it is created for regular sized minivans so if you fall under this category you won’t have a problem.

Seeing as it’ll be installed by the disabled car dealership they’ll be able to tell you if there any problems regarding the device’s height.

  • One further difference is that the adjustable guard isn’t a quick release model, meaning that you can’t quickly enable pedal usage.

However you’ll notice the cover lies horizontally at the top so it would be possible to squeeze your feet in to access the pedals if in an emergency.

Adjustable Pedal Guard for Lowered Floor Vehicles

For regular cars then it’s worth looking into their usual accelerator and brake guard which is their standard pedal guard.

Having this type of equipment is very important to prevent interference with your driving which can potentially be deadly.

  • There are plenty of different attachments and add-ons which aren’t necessary for safe driving, perhaps comfortable driving but this doesn’t always mean safe.
Adjustable Pedal Cover

On the other hand I would say that this, with steering knobs as well, are both very important pieces of driving equipment which no driver should go without.

Mobility Products and Design produce a very limited range of foot controls equipment so it might be worth looking into other manufacturers for extensions or left foot gas pedals – GuidoSimplex is a good option.

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