MPD Foot Control Accelerator Guard

The accelerator guard is designed to allow people with the use of their left leg the ability to use the brake pedal while protecting their gas pedal from accidental usage.

Personally I think of you can use your left leg then there’s no point getting an gas cover guard if you want to drive.  It would be far better to utilize a left foot gas pedal to accelerate because it will allow a vast reduction the effort required for driving.

Using your leg to accelerate which you’ll need to be constantly doing is far easier than using it to brake which is far more occasional.

However if you do choose to go for the gas pedal guard the device features two main parts.  Firstly there’s the metal floor plate which is bolted to the floor of your car, this cannot be removed apart from by a mechanic.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator Guard

Secondly there’s the cover plate which features a quick release mechanism which allows rapid removable for able bodied usage.

This works well in conjunction with MPD’s hand controls which don’t inhibit the pedals from regular usage as other manufacturer’s products do.

This model is the 3570 and personally I feel it’s unnecessary because there are far superior ways of driving the vehicle assuming you can use your left leg.

  • There are lots of different foot controls which Mobility Products and Design has produced, however they’re all pedal guards aside from their one left foot gas pedal.

Not only does this pedal stop the foot from accidental pressing down on the pedal, it also makes sure your foot doesn’t slide under the pedal and inhibit the use of your hand controls set.

It’s also different in different way; it’s partially meant as a rest for the foot and is shaped as such.  If it were any larger it would cover the brake pedal and so making it a purposeful foot rest is designed to reduce the chances of your foot moving.

All of the other cover guards are not designed to be rested on and are not angled as such, they purely a physical barrier.

If you’re looking for a cover for both pedals then it’s worth checking out MPD’s advanced pedal guard which is an improved version on their regular model.

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