MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard

This is Mobility Product and Design’s regular pedal guard which is designed to stop your feet accidently engaging the acceleration or brake pedals.

The MPD 3571 (model number) consists of two different sections – the floor plate and the cover guard, which work in tandem to stop feet either pressing on top of the pedal and pressing down as well as accidently getting trapped underneath the pedal and inhibiting the usage.

The metal floor plate is bolted to the ground and cannot easily be removed, and is only meant to be removed by a trained mechanic.

However its removal is completely unnecessary for able bodied driving because the cover guard which is attached to the floor plate has a quick release mechanism which allows for its removal in just a few seconds.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard

This is to allow able bodied driving which is possible with Mobility Products and Design’s hand controls because the pedal is left free from any attachments which are placed above the pedal and hence don’t hinder feet.

This is perfect for cars which are shared between disabled and able bodied people and is a significant benefit to choosing MPD.

MPD has many different foot control pedals however most of them center on cover guards under different situations such as for lowered floor minivans.

They also offer an advanced pedal guard which has far more clearance than this, their regular cover plate.

Ultimately they offer a rather limited amount of foot controls and I would personally say that it would be far better to look at similar pedal guard equipment by GuidoSimplex as opposed to Mobility Products and Design because they ultimately offer far more variety and far more advanced solutions too.

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