MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard on Lowered Floor

Although not mandatory pedal guards are an integral part of the car equipment required for driving as a disabled person, and the model 3572 is specifically designed for lowered floor vehicles such as vans.

Without having a barrier between your legs and the pedals there’s the chance that your legs/feet could accidently move and engage the pedals, interfering with the hand controls with potentially disastrous results.

Therefore the installation of pedal guards/covers is of significant importance for those who are looking for a safe driving experience.

MPD’s competitor, MPS Monarch, installs their pedals as standard with their hand controls, which isn’t usually the case with most manufacturers.

This particular cover is designed to be installed onto vans with lowered floors because it has a higher vertical reach.

The metal plate to which the cover is installed is bolted to the bottom of the floor, with the cover being attached later and reaching up vertically to cover both the gas and brake pedal.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator Brake Guard on Lowered Floor

It’s very lightweight and has a quick release mechanism which removes the cover in just seconds if required to allow for able bodied driving.

This is particularly useful for when the car is being shared by several people, as well as ambulatory services should the need arise (although highly unlikely it’s a selling point which MPD seems to want to push).

  • The cover is what’s removable and has a handle to allow for easy carrying, the metal floor plate stays attached to the floor but is low enough so as not to effect actual usage.

It’s also worth pointing out that this doesn’t just stop the driver putting their foot on the pedal and accidently activating one, it also stops them putting their foot under the wheel and inhibiting usage too.

Using lowered floor vans for driving provides much greater flexibility in the entire process of driving.  Instead of having to be helped into the car and put into the right position the possibility for independently entering the vehicle is much higher because the lowered floor makes the installation of a simple electronic ramp a very easy process.

  • After entering the vehicle via the ramp you can position yourself and lock down your wheelchair because there’s significantly more room inside.

One effect on the equipment used is that it invariable needs to be longer in order to reach the greater distances, and the regular accelerator/gas and brake guard simply isn’t suitable.

Mobility Products and Design has a limited number of foot controls and they’re almost entirely centered on guards/covers for the pedals.

One mobility aid which you may be interested in if you can only use your left leg and want a far easier driving experience is their left foot acceleration pedal which significantly reduces the effort required.

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