MPD Emergency Brake Hand Extension Handle

The Emergency Hand Brake can be difficult for disabled drivers to operate so MPD’s Extension Handle allows for easier usage both in terms of the angle you need to operate the device as well as a reduction in required effort.  This model’s number is 3546 and it’s a Mobility Products and Design extension device.

The installation is non-intrusive and non-permanent which means that very little of your car’s space is taken up and no permanent alterations take place.

MPD Emergency Brake Hand Extension Handle

This is due to its small design and metal bands (as opposed to bolts) which are used to install the device which vastly reduce the chance of damage being inflicted upon your car.  In almost all cases not a scratch will be left on your vehicle and its value won’t be reduced a slightest by any unsightly modifications.

The reduction in effort is because you pull backwards towards yourself on a horizontal plane when you engage the emergency (or parking) brake.  This is far easier than pulling upwards.

You also don’t need to push down on the emergency brake’s button which can be a problem for people with arthritis or other degenerative illnesses.

Everything is handled in one fluid motion of pulling the handle backwards, and the handle itself is foam padded for comfort.

This can be used with the numerous different extension controls by Mobility Products and Design in order to create a safer and easier driving experience.

For example there’s the car’s key extension as well as the dash mounted gear shift extension which are useful to operate in conjunction with each other.

Most drivers won’t find the parking (emergency) brake handle extension more useful than these and it’s only people with specific conditions who will get the most out of this device.

I would say that you can check the list of their different devices (linked above) to find out what’s best for you, they have numerous devices on offer… some lie this will only be useful to a minority but others will be universal with regards to creating a much easier driving experience for handicapped people.


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