MPD Dash Mounted Gear Shift Extension

This Gear Shift Extension is designed to be attached to a Dashboard Mounted installation and is perfect for use by disabled drivers who wish to create an easier and safer driving experience.  It’s manufactured by MPD and the model number is 3544.

The reason why this and so many other extension devices are useful is because they centralize the action stations of the car (steering wheel, parking brake, turn signals and so on).

MPD Dash Mounted Gear Shift Extension

This extension brings the gear shift closer to the steering wheel which allows for a much quicker transition between taking your hand off the wheel and changing gear.

This is important because if you’re using hand controls then you’ll have one hand operated the floor pedals and the other hand operating the wheel.

  • Regular driving means that you simply take one hand off the wheel while maintaining control with the other hand.

Obviously since you only have one free hand this creates a slightly dangerous and uncomfortably situation where for a brief period the car’s steering will not be operated by you.

Therefore by reducing the distance between the two action stations you’re reducing the time required and can get your steering hand back on the wheel as soon as possible.

This attachment does not require any permanent modifications which can leave the vehicle damaged upon removal (as well as lower the value of the vehicle) but isn’t a quick release item meaning that it will take more than just a few seconds to remove.

Depending on the position of the dashboard mounted gear stick you may be able to utilize this Mobility Products and Design extension device to actually hold both the wheel and gear stick in one hand should you require.

This is certainly the case with their right hand side turn signal extension as well as their regular gear stick extension.

It’s worth checking out all their extension devices such as their key extender too.

Although these are often overlooked as being a required I’ve certainly heard from plenty of people that have told me that they simply do not feel right having no hands on the wheel.  Even though they know the chances of an accident are very small, it brings a certain sense of safety which is highly sought after, especially for new disabled drivers.

If your dashboard gear stick is automatic and you only need to change into ‘drive’ or ‘reverse’ and so forth then it may not be worth the cost, but I would certainly think that if you have a manual car and you’re changing between all the different gears then you may very well need to use one.

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