MPD Close Positioned Right Turn Signal Extension

This particular Right Turn Signal Extension is a little different from the other model because it doesn’t extend to the other side of the steering wheel it extends downwards close to handle of the hand control which allows two possibilities.  The model number of this MPD device is 3548D.

The first is that you clasp the turn signal with your fingers and use the palm of your hand to operate the hand controls.  Unlike many of the other extensions this is much easier because it’s specifically designed to get as close as possible.

MPD Close Positioned Right Turn Signal ExtensionThe second is that the distance is much smaller which allows you to rapidly activate the turn signal before resuming your acceleration (or perhaps brake).

Whether you need this device or not is entirely another matter – generally most people can drive without needing this piece of equipment.

On the other hand since many people were injured in car accidents and so feel it’s worth paying out a little extra to receive a slightly safer driving experience plus a much greater feeling of safety.

Mobility Products and Design offers a similar right turn signal extension which crosses over to the other side of the vehicle as opposed to dropping down like this one.

It’s worth checking into if you want to drive using one hand just for the hand controls and one hand for both turn signals and the steering wheel.

All this depends which side of the wheel your hand controls are (if they’re like the majority of designs that is) – as well as the turn signals position which does vary.

The installation of the device will not permanently damage the vehicle damage because bands are used to wrap around the extension as opposed to bolts or screws.

This works well in combination with most of MPD’s non-damaging devices such as their steering wheel attachments (none of them leave any permanent damage) – their hand controls are also designed not to impede able-bodied usage of the pedals which allows for regular driving by simply removing some of the attachments and using the pedals as normal.

I won’t go into detail but if you read into their different devices you’ll find that the vast majority encompass some type of mechanism to allow for regular driving.

Other useful extension devices you can use this in conjunction with are their emergency hand brake handle which is useful for people with weak strength and/or arthritis – as well as their gear stick extension handle which is useful for pretty much anyone.

MPD has the widest range of extension devices designed to be used by disabled drivers out of any of the manufacturers so if you’re looking for further assistive equipment then they’re worth looking into.

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