MPD Chrysler Car Key Extension

Here are a few other key extensions aimed specifically at Chrysler, Dodge and Daimler Chrysler.  Find out why they’re useful for drivers with a handicap.

Chrysler 2008 Town & Country Key Extension for Disabled Drivers


The Chrysler 2008 Town and Country is incredibly popular among disabled drivers because of its larger size allowing for multiple modifications to the car to be made.  Although there are lots of possibilities such as electric wheelchair ramps and such I’m going to give a quick look into their key extension which is designed specifically for drivers who special needs.

The Chrysler Key Extension

The group which this device will prove most useful for are those who have grip/grasping issues with their hand or just have weak hand strength.

There are numerous ailments which can cause these issues but the most common are arthritis, muscle wasting diseases and stroke sufferers.

The key extension has an adjustable handle which shoots outwards and is adjustable to your personal preferences.  The point of the extension is primarily the handle which allows you much greater leverage reducing the effort required to turn the key – plus it’s larger which allows it to be gripped easier.

The Chrysler 2008 Town & Country is Useful for Handicapped People

The extension has a ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ mode, if it’s in lock position then it will stay attached with the key in the key slot.  There are a few other buttons which control less important features too.

It’s designed for the 2008’s remote key and is publicized as something was is ‘designed to provide a place to put your remote key’.

Daimler Chrysler and Dodge Key Extension


This extension is exactly the same as the one above aside from that it’s designed to fit all Daimler Chrysler cars as well as Dodge vehicles too.

It features the same extension handle and locking methods and it provides a much easier way to start than vehicle than normally.

Daimler Chrysler Remote Car Key Extension

There are several other useful similar devices, for example ford has a key extension for its vehicles, and MPD has manufactured its own one too.

There are lots of different car extension products that are worth looking into and I would recommend finding out about all of Mobility Products and Designs products.

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