MPD Car Key Extension

The extension of the car key in this model (3560) is designed primarily for use by drivers with grasping difficulties (perhaps suffering from arthritis) or people with especially weak hands.

The extension provides greater leverage and a much larger handle which makes turning the key much easier.  Instead of having to use your fingers to grasp a tiny key you can fit your hand around a much larger handle.

MPD Car Key Extension

This handle is much easier to turn and is linked in a way which creates greater leverage and reduces the effort required for turning the handle in the first place.

People with arthritis may have trouble grasping something as small as a key, or perhaps the driver has had a stroke and the right side of his body is very weak and he drives with his legs and one hand – in both of these cases the extension is very useful.

It’s worth pointing out that this device can be used anywhere that uses a key, not just your vehicle – the front door on your house could utilize this device.

The device is adjustable and you can angle it in a way which suits your preferences, and it doesn’t require any intrusive or irreversible installations so you don’t have to worry about reduced car value or anything of the sort.  If anything this will increase the value of your vehicle… to the right buyer of course!

  • MPD offers numerous devices which allow for people with grasping difficulties or weak hands the ability to drive their vehicle normally.

For example their steering wheel controls feature two devices which allow for the palm (and not the fingers) to take up the majority of the effort when turning the wheel.

There are numerous extension devices which allow for an easier driving experience and the most useful ones tend to centralize the action stations of your vehicle closer together (the hand controls, turn signals, brakes, steering wheel and so forth).

Find out about MPD’s various extension devices here.

Mobility Products and Design manufacturers the widest arrange of extension equipment so it’s certainly worth looking into their devices before anyone else.

Most other manufacturers have vastly limited device ranges or If I’m being completely honest most of them don’t have any options whatsoever, so it’s worth looking into MPD.

However if you’re looking for pedal equipment then MPD is the last place you want to look because it’s very much the opposite situation there.

Other Car Key Extensions


This page reflects MPD’s own product but there are numerous other devices which are designed for chrysler and

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