MPD 3700 Advanced Push Pull Hand Control

The MPD 3700 Push/Pull hand control contains a non-mechanized push/pull system with the key difference being that the handle grip has a completely different design to the other products Mobility Products Design have produced.

Instead of either the standard straight handle, elongated straight handle (2 inches longer) or smooth spherical knob this is has a Tri-Pin grip with wrist support.  Instead of the tri-pin grip being attached to the steering wheel to control the steering wheel this is purely for use of the hand controls by disabled drivers who want better stability and more support.

The entire wrist is supported because the three handles which rise upwards vertically are supported on a padded platform where the wrist is placed between the two smaller handles with the fingers gripping the largest handle.

MPD 3700 Advanced Hand Control Push Pull

This is far less taxing than many of the other versions where you need to be constantly supporting your own wrist, with this design you can relax your entire wrist and arm and concentrate on driving and enjoying the driving experience without being put off by aches in your wrist and arm.

The tri-pin grip can be attached to either the left or right hand side of the vehicle based on preference and can be installed to the floor of a number of full sized vans including lower floored minivans.

MPD 3700 Hand Control

By providing the tri-pin grip the hand control allows for the possibility of allowing those with a weak grasp the option to engage the equipment via the strength in their arms pushing forward and using their palm as opposed to their fingers.

This is especially useful for people who have degenerative diseases and who can envisage losing more strength in the future.  You’ll also notice that in the images above the vehicle’s chair is removed.  Just remember that with the right modifications and the installation of a wheelchair lift you can have complete freedom in the driving of your vehicle.

From opening the vehicle door (automatic or manually), accessing the wheelchair lift, positioning yourself inside, driving and then exiting – everything can be covered if required.

Other Hand Controls Manufactured by MPD


If you’re interested in the more basic hand control then perhaps the MPD 3300 may be a suitable model, it can be found much cheaper than this advanced device however it comes with less customization options and a reduced level of functionality.

Or it might be worth looking into the various MPD 3500 models which are the most popular and have 3 different sets of hand controls based around them.

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