MPD 3502 Advanced Hand Control

There are two designs below, the 3502WHD Straight Handle with Wrist Support and then 3502TW Straight Handle with Trip-Pin Grip and Wrist Support.

MPD 3502WHD Hand Control with Straight Handle and Wrist Support


This model has a foamed pad with wrist support as opposed to a handle or knob.  Instead of gripping the handle/knob you place your entire hand onto the angled foam surface (the ‘straight handle’) with your fingers curling underneath the top end of the pad.

  • This is particularly useful for those who have weak grip strength with their fingers and may be most useful to those who are suffering from degenerative diseases.
  • Instead of using your fingers as an integral portion of the strength required for hand control handle operation you push using the strength in your arm and wrist via the palm rest.

The operating system means that if you want to brake you push forward with your wrist and hand, and to accelerate you pull towards yourself using your fingers to gain a greater hold on the pad.  This provides constant support for your hand, wrist and arm allowing you to more effectively rest and save energy as well as control your car more easily.

MPD 3502WHD Hand Control with Wrist Support

The wrist support that comes with the 3502WHD is attached to the surface of the steering wheel on the opposite side to the handle pad.  It offers Tri-Prin grip wrist support meaning that there are three padded vertical handles which extend outwards away from the steering wheel.  You position your wrist between the two small handles while holding onto the third larger handle.  The two small handles provide wrist support and comfort as well as increased ease of operation in turning the steering wheel.

This design allows for your hand which controls the brakes/acceleration to have comfort and wrist support as well as the hand designated for control the steering wheel to have the same.

MPD 3502TW Hand Control with Straight Handle, Tri-Pin Grip and Wrist Support


This is the same as the previous version however it has side guards to add extra comfort and safety.  The pad itself is the same, but where the physical difference occurs is when two metal bars extend vertically upwards on both sides of the wrist pad.

MPD 3502TW Hand Control with Wrist Support and Tri-Pin

These bars are connected at the top by another foam padded bar which encases the wrist in padding.  This means that the wrist is completely surrounded which gives a sense of real security, helps with the pushing/pulling motion and is also very comfortable.

  • This too comes with the Tri-Pin Grip attached to the steering wheel which provides support and comfort.

Ultimately this means that you can completely rest your hand – instead of being able to let it rest against gravity but still have to make sure your hand doesn’t move over to either side.

Other MPD 3500 Hand Controls


Firstly there’s the standard MPD 3500 hand control which is the base mechanism which the MPD 3502 is based on, the difference being that the 3502 has the padded palm handle.

Then for drivers who can still use one leg there’s the brake only MPD 3501 driving control which is useful for people who want a far easier driving experience by utilizing a still-functioning leg.

If you want to find out about all the different types of MPD handicapped hand controls you can check the specific page.

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