MPD 3501 Brake only Hand Control

The four designs below are the 3501K Knob Grip Straight Handle, 3501F Foam Grip Straight Handle, 3501KBX Knob Grip Offset Handle and 3501FBX Foam Grip Offset Handle.

The individual aspects of these four designs (the different handles) are the exact same as the model 3500 – however in this instance only the braking control is installed.

This is designed for people who are still able to use their right foot on the gas pedal, or for those who have a left gas pedal conversion allowing their left foot to accelerate.

If the cause of disability causes deterioration of the driver’s legs and feet the Brake only Hand Controls can soon be retrofit with the appropriate mechanisms granting full acceleration/braking control.

  • This is especially useful for those who want to utilize and retain strength in their legs whilst they still have the time, but recognize the eventual need for a complete hand control system.

MPD 3501 Brake only Hand Control

MPD 3501KB Hand Control with Knob Grip Straight Handle


This variation has a smooth spherical knob on the end of the handle which when pushed forward enables the brakes, you’ll noticed it’s attached to a bent brake rod which allows for the handle to be mounted higher on the left hand side of the steering wheel.  This allows for a closer proximity between the steering wheel, turn signals (and other secondary functions) and the hand control handle.

It’s possible to grasp the steering wheel with your fingers and push down to brake using the palm of your hand, unless you have especially small hands.

MPD 3501KB Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle

MPD 3501FB Hand Control with Foam Grip Straight Handle


The handle is two inches longer than other standard straight MPD handles granting greater leverage power when braking, it also has an outer foam layer for comfort – however it can be removed if preferred.  It’s also mounted on a bent brake rod for close proximity to the other action points on the vehicle.

MPD 3501FB Hand Control Foam Grip Straight Handle

MPD 3501KBX Hand Control with Knob Grip Offset Handle


The plastic spherical knob handle is mounted on a mounted rotatable rod which allows for the driver to adjust the knob 360 degrees which allows for personal preferences (generally based on the handles proximity to other action points such as the steering wheel) to be taken into consideration.

If the driver has especially long arms it can be pushed further away, or if the individual has small hands and wants to be able to use the turn signals and keep a hand on the handle then the knob can be adjusted to face higher up.

MPD 3501KBX Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle

MPD 3501FBX Hand Control with Foam Grip Offset Handle


This is the same as above apart from with the extra 2 inch long straight foam handle.  It’s mounted on a rotatable rod which is adjustable based on personal preference and has the added benefit of extra leverage with the added 2 inches more than the standard MPD handle.

MPD 3501FBX Hand Control Foam Grip Offset Handle

Other MPD 3500 Hand Controls


If you’re interested in similar models which are complete hand controls then you should look into the base 3500 MPD hand control which this brake only version is based on.

You may also want to consider reading into the more advanced 3502 MPD device which is perfect for more comfortable and safer driving.

If you want to learn everything about this manufacturer’s driving equipment, see our page on MPD driving control for further information.

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