MPD 3500 Hand Control

The four designs below are the: 3500K Knob Grip Straight Handle, 3500F Foam Grip Straight Handle, 3500KX Knob Grip Offset Handle and the 3500FX Foam Grip Offset Handle.

The four different versions of the same hand control allow for adjustments in one of the most important aspects of this piece of equipment, the handle, find out the differences below.

MPD 3500 Hand Control

The Four Different MPD 3500 Hand Controls

MPD 3500K Hand Control with Knob Grip Straight Handle


This design comes with a bent brake rod which allows the handle to be placed higher against the steering wheel and provides a more convenient proximity to the driver’s hands.  This is especially useful for drivers who want to grip the hand control with their palm but still maintain a grip on the steering wheel with their fingers, if you have especially small hands this may not be possible.

It of course comes with a knob attached on the end of the straight handle, and this is not padded with foam but is perfectly smooth plastic.

MPD 3500K Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle

MPD 3500F Hand Control with Foam Grip Straight Handle


This is the standard base design but actually comes with an even longer foam handle by two inches.  This is 2 inches longer than all their other regular straight handle grips (such as the 3400F) and allows for greater leverage with regards to its usage which reduces the amount of effort required for operation.

It’s also worth noting that some drivers find a long handle more comfortable to use than a shorter one, but of course this is personal preference.  It might be worth going to your local disabled car dealership for a test drive if possible to see if you can tell the difference and which you prefer.

MPD 3500F Hand Control Foam Grip Straight Handle

MPD 3500KX Hand Control wtih Knob Grip Offset Handle


This is a very useful design for those who have trouble positioning their hand on the handle which controls the brakes/acceleration.  The handle is set onto a horizontal bar where it can rotate by 360 degrees meaning that it can be positioned at a variety of angles, adjusting the handle is easy and caters to a most people’s preferences.

This allows for positioning based on personal preference, such as close to the turn signal lever if required, angled farther away for someone with longer arms or closer to the steering wheel which allows the drive to switch quickly between the two – or even use one hand to manage both the wheel and the hand control handle.

  • The knob and handle are the same as the regular 3500k model.

MPD 3500KX Hand Control Knob Grip Offset Handle

MPD 3500FX Hand Control with Foam Grip Offset Handle


This is the exact same as the above, however the offset handle is a foam grip straight handle as opposed to a knob.  It is still two inches longer giving better leverage to the driver, and it’s worth pointing out the proximity of the turn signal, steering wheel and handle – all accessible by just one hand.

MPD 3500FX Hand Control Foam Grip Offset Handle

Other MPD 3500 Hand Controls


It’s certainly worth pointing out that there are two similar variations of the base 3500 model.

Firstly there’s the 3501 brake only model which arrives without the acceleration rods and designed for people who can still use one leg.

Secondly there’s the advanced 3502 hand control which features extra functionality and comfort gear to make driving safer, comfortable and possible in the first place for people with weak grips.

Finally you can find out everything with regards to all the different mobility products and design hand controls here.

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  1. Bob Abel says:

    Please send me a good brochure and pricing on the MPD 3500 Hand Control system, and if I can install it in my vehicle. Thanks!

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Bob, you can expect to pay roughly around 700 dollars including installation – but this price varies depending on who you’re buying from.

      Firstly you need to search for local disabled car workshops and dealerships and then inquire as to whether they stock, sell and install the model 3500.

      After this you need to negotiate a price which encompasses the raw price of the device and the installation cost by the mechanic (which can be very high).

      If this sounds like too much effort you can also visit my page on portable hand controls which is on the homepage (click the banner) to have a cheaper, removable set delivered to your home.

  2. Terence Tan says:

    Hi, I’m interested to buy the MPD 3500K Hand Control with Knob Grip Straight Handle.
    A couple of questions:

    May I know the item is used or brand new?
    How much does it cost with shipping to Singapore?
    How many days for the shipping?

    Thank you

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