MPD 3400 Push Pull Hand Control

The Mobility Products and Design model 3400 has two designs which are outlined below, the 3400F Foam Grip Straight Handle and the 3400K Knob Grip Straight Handle.

The 3400K is on the left hand side and the 3400F is on the right hand side, and of course they’re very similar products with a few slight differences.  Just remember that with MPD hand controls it’s always the case that the number represents the base model and the letters afterwards indicate slight differences – usually with regards to the handle.

MPD 3400 Push Pull Hand Control

It’s worth noting that for both versions the handles are releasable in an instant and the pedals are free for able bodied use so installation of this set of driving equipment won’t significantly inhibit regular usage of the vehicle.

It’s not actually necessary to remove the handles because they’re not particularly in the way, it’s more of an added safety feature which is in place.

  • The handle can use foam grip or come without depending on your preference and is also capable of having the car’s horn and dimmer switches installed.

Finally the handles are capable of being angled to different leverage settings based on the driver’s personal preference.

MPD 3400F Hand Control with Foam Grip Straight Handle


As the name would suggest fitted with a straight handle which is encased in foam for comfort, and there are two reasons of significance for this.  Perhaps the main benefit is purely from a comfort perspective, generally paraplegic drivers have the option of choosing between a spherical knob or a straight handle and handles are the most popular.

The slightly longer handle makes operation easier for some people because it allows for an increased leverage angle allowing for easier accelerating and braking.

MPD 3400F Push Pull Hand Control

This may not be important for more expensive controls with effort-reducing mechanical linkage, but for those on lower budgets the reduced strain as well as comfortable foam is welcomed.

  • You push the handle horizontally forward away from the driving position to brake, and pull it back into yourself to accelerate.

MPD 3400K Hand Control with Knob Grip Straight Handle


This has the same operating procedures as the above variant; however the handle used has a knob grip.  For some people this will be easier and others will hate it; the best way to find out what’s perfect for you is to go to a disabled car controls dealership and get a feel of them yourself.

It’s worth pointing out that this knob (as you can see below) is actually mounted on a straight handle (albeit a small one) and the knob itself isn’t perfectly spherical as in most cases.

MPD 3400K Push Pull Hand Control

Other Hand Controls Manufactured by MPD


Although it’s really a matter of preference as to whether you prefer either the push pull or push rock motion I tend to find that most people prefer the 3300 push rock hand control by MPD so that might be worth checking out.

On the other hand I’d also suggest that if you were looking for something a little more advanced then the 3700 Mobility Products and Design hand control would also be suitable.

You can find out everything with regards to disabled driving with controls by MPD here.

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