Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

If you’re interested in driving as a disabled person than the first thing which you must be looking into are hand controls designed for motor vehicles.

These allow you to be able to pilot the vehicle only using your hands; however there are different variations depending on your specific requirements.  For example, if you can use one leg then it’s clearly worth utilizing one leg and two arms as opposed to limiting yourself to just using your arms.  In this scenario you’ll find that even if you can use your left leg it would be far better for you to accelerate rather than brake because that’s far less strenuous over time.

Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

A Set of Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Therefore the solution would be to utilize vehicle hand controls with a left foot gas pedal, which allows your left foot to be able to utilize a newly installed pedal on the left hand side which is joined to the original gas pedal and mirrors the actions.

If you’re a paraplegic with no ability to use your legs to drive than there is a very wide array of models and manufacturers for you to choose from when choosing your disabled vehicle hand controls.  It’s important to recognize a number of steps involved with finding what’s right for you.

Firstly you’ll need to locate a disabled car dealership – but preferably as many as you can within a reasonable driving difference.  This allows you a greater variety of different models, as well as different vehicle hand controls cost.

Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

You then need to locate what model you want based on your specific requirements, whether they’re very general such as complete loss of leg usage – or whether it’s a more/less serious ailment which requires the appropriate response.

Then you’ll need to compare prices as well as make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Just remember that the model price doesn’t make up the full price and the cost of installation is a massive determining factor too (one which people tend to overlook at the time).

Then it’s important with getting to grips on how to drive once more as a disabled person.  There are numerous different ways to start out, and generally you’ll find that if you were driving recently before the accident you shouldn’t have too many problems in getting back behind the wheel.

Motor Hand Controls

Motor Hand Controls

There tend to be a lot of misconceptions that you need to attend disabled driving lessons, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  There’s no doubt that these will help you in some cases, but just getting started and getting to know your hand controls is one of the main things which you need to be looking at.

You certainly shouldn’t be paying hundreds of dollars for lessons (as is generally required), and it’s far better to start out slow, driving at times of the day when the streets aren’t busy and building yourself up from there.

Vehicle Hand Controls

Vehicle Hand Controls

It’s important to remember that if you don’t have a driving license then you do need to get tested – but anti-discrimination laws are on your side and you can take and pass the test like everyone else with your hand controls.  The laws I’m referring to are specifically UK and US laws, I am not well versed in the laws of some other countries but I think in most developed countries discrimination laws against disabled drivers is prohibited.

If you’ve found this information helpful but what a further insight into how to get started, as well as checking out the various hand controls by the various manufacturers than you can utilize our website to find exactly what you need.

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