Most Common Cause of Spine Injuries

Spine injuries devastate people’s lives by taking away almost all of the freedom and independence which was taken for granted.  On this page we’re going to be looking at the most common cause of injuries to the spine.

One study has shown that it’s vehicle accidents which account for 42% of the total injuries which makes it by far the largest cause.

Perhaps ironically many paraplegics/disabled people choose to start driving again which is certainly possible and you can find out more by reading my page on living with a spine injury.

Head on Car Collisions Cause the most Spine Injuries

Although there’s of course a very high chance that it was a collision which caused the accident there’s no doubting that being able to drive where you want, when you want, gives back a real sense of freedom from people who have had it taken from them.

Statistically its head on collisions where two vehicles collide with the maximum momentum that is possible in inter-vehicle collisions which cause the most damaging injuries.

Sports which are generally viewed as ‘dangerous’ due to their purposeful physical contact such as karate and boxing were less likely to cause accidents when compared with sports such as rock climbing and skiing.

As someone who has had a spine injury myself I can completely understand how this occurs because my own accident involved jet skiing (another extreme spot).

I suffered a spinal compression fracture and had to wear a spine brace for around 10 weeks, as well as a fractured hip to boot (I hope I don’t fall over when I’m elderly!).

My total healing time was around 12 weeks and it was certainly one of the most testing times of my life but ultimately I’m incredibly lucky to be walking at all.

Spine Injury

It might be worth reading into the ADA Americans Act 2008 so you can evaluate your rights as a disabled person in America.

Ultimately this was created to replace the old 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act which was worn down by corporations and pricey laws in the Supreme Court.

One good thing which George W Bush did was create the 2008 act which reviewed and renewed many of the original anti-discrimination laws which had been worn away to create a reasonable balance between the requirements of handicapped people and the employer.

A Spine Brace for Spinal Cord Injury

However it’s worth remembering that it was only passed into law 4 years ago (at the time this page was written) and so not enough time has passed for large corporations with expensive lawyers to gradually wear away at the rights of disabled people for monetary gain.

If you’re interested in learning more about driving with a spine injury because you or someone you know could perhaps start driving again it’s worth reading that page.

It’s also worth reading into our page on assistive equipment for spine injury victims if you think this might be useful to you.

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