Invacare Super LightWeight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

The Invacare Lightweight EX2 Wheelchair is the latest wheelchair that boasts excellent quality, performance, and functionality. I am one of those who have already experienced the benefits that this device provides. Through this mobility wheelchair, I was able to roam around the house without asking for help or assistance from others. I can do whatever I want freely and comfortably. What I like about this lightweight wheelchair is that it is cheaper than other devices that are being sold by various stores.

This Invacare Lightweight EX2 Wheelchair is the newest model of wheelchair. This is made with the combination of high quality materials, latest technology, and based on the design of Invacare 9000. Its real position of dual axle is used for moving the rear wheels and the caster for elders. This is also made with wide arrangement of accessories and Hemi spaced footrest. Its latest style and design makes it possible for users to alter the components along with 9000 series of wheelchairs.

The manufacturers of this medical wheelchair make sure that it is made of high quality materials and components so that they will have the assurance that it is truly reliable, safe and long lasting to use by the elders. There are some reasons why this wheelchair is truly in demand and popular to us.


  • It has a dual axle position that lets the 8 casters and 24 rear wheels change position in the Hemi and the height of the seat from the floor.

  • With various types of soundproof armrest and these are the desk length removal, full length fixed, and full length removal.

  • With a well-balanced arm that gives a comprehensive and efficient seat that has a width for about 20”. This has several accessories, permanent arm and a Hemi spaced footrest.

  • Its leg rest can be removed and put back.

  • Its seat is made with vinyl seat.

  • It has an efficient folding tool and can bring or move to other place so easily.

  • It only requires negligible maintenance.

  • This is truly durable and flexible due to the presence of 14 gauge cross braces.

  • Its hindmost tire is made of urethane that usually located on its flex wheel, and this is also helps in providing an impressive performance.


  • The measures of its wheels are about 36” in height, and the widths of it can be 28.5”, 26.5” or 24.5”.

  • This is made with a weight of 36 lbs, and this can still manage the weight 250 lbs.

  • The width of its seat can be 20’, 16” or 18” depending on the chosen category.

  • The height of its back is 16”.

  • This made with a midnight blue vinyl upholster seat.


Invacare Lightweight EX2 Wheelchair is already available in all leading markets as well as online, and it can be availed for a very affordable cost. One thing is for sure, this wheelchair is truly reliable for us and it can last for a long period of time.