Duro-Med Wheelchair Storage Back Pack

Can’t get your hands free when you push a wheelchair? Needed something that can manage all your stuff and your patient’s stuff all in one accessible place? Making a mess out of the things your patient needs? Having problems with getting your hand full all the time? A mobility accessory is what you need. Be hands free with Duro-Med wheelchair Back Pack.

Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack is very efficient in handling your patient’s water bottle, medical binder, food, valuables and all other stuffs you and your patient need. You can easily push you patient’s wheelchair without having to worry about having your hands full of everything. It could give you headaches having to focus on many things like pushing the wheelchair and handling their needs. It could make you crazy! It’s not just you who worries about this stuff, but your patient also worries about you with the stress that you are having. Thanks to Duro-Med wheelchair Back Pack, you can give genuine care to your patients and even make them worry less.

Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack is made from oxford nylon, making it strong and waterproof. You don’t need to worry about the weight of the stuffs you put in the pack and because it is made from oxford nylon, you can machine wash it! You can open and close it easily due to its loop and hook closures, making it easier for you to access your patient’s stuff inside. You don’t need to worry about being clumsy and making a mess out of everything that your patient needs.

Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack is very easy to attach to your patients wheelchair. You don’t need to do complicated steps to attach it as you just have to place loops over the wheelchair’s arms and it’s done with no fuzz. Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack is made big enough to support any of your patient’s stuff and can be easily closed. It is even made to be black to make it more accustomed to any kind and color of wheelchairs.

Although some claim that they could not place the pack well in their wheelchair, checking broken parts in the wheelchair is very essential to make sure that you can use it properly. Checking its compatibility is also very important to meet clientele satisfaction. Even so, many approve of Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack’s durability, reliability and effectiveness. It has even aided those who own wheelchairs for they don’t need to put things on their lap. You can now juggle pushing a wheelchair, medicine, medical binder, water bottle and all other things quite easily with Duro-Med wheelchair Back Pack as it helps you manage all that. It is easily attached, easily opened, big enough for almost everything, very durable and very reliable both for you and your patient.

Duro-Med Wheelchair Back Pack gets your hands free from all the fuzz with stuff that makes you stressful and clumsy. Making a trip to the doctor, going to the mall, shopping and even just having a stroll outside is stress-free with Duro-Med wheelchair Back Pack.