Contour Kabooti Ring Muscle Relief Mobility Seat

Some say that working in an office is an easy job because workers only have to sit all day long working on paper works without doing any other straining works, but that’s not actually true! Sitting for a long time makes you very uncomfortable and pain is felt especially in the tailbone area. If you have no time to walk around your office or your room and you really can’t bear the pain, then all you need is a comfort cushion – Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat.

Office workers are not the only one who experiences pain in the tailbone area. There are a variety of people who experience this kind of pain like drivers, people who use wheelchairs, your business clients, your guests at home and even you. Preventing pain is possible with Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat and it can also be used in many kinds of seats. Now, you have no reason to complain about back pains.

Painful aches in your back especially in the tailbone area are caused by your spinal column being compacted and compressed when you are seated for a long period of time. Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat is the answer to your problem. It is very soft and it is designed to support you when sitting for long periods of time. It is made to accustom the pressure on your tailbone and it also helps in correcting your posture.

You can use Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat in many ways: coccyx cushion, seating wedge and donut cushion, making it your three in one cushion! Its shape reduces pressure in your tailbone especially with its coccyx largely cut out, giving you more comfort when you are seated. It’s not just your tailbone that is being cushioned, but it also cushions your buttocks, giving you complete support. Its design gives less support to your under thighs to improve the circulation of blood in this area.

Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat can be used anytime, anywhere. It is very handy to use and very reliable. You can use it in your car seat, take it home and use it in your sofa when you watch your favorite channel, in your dining chair when you eat your favorite food and most especially, when you work in your office to do paper works. You can now enjoy sitting down with Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat due to its comfortable design.

Although some claim that it is not soft enough for them, most people who have tried it oppose this, saying that Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat is miraculous, helping them with back pain and making them comfortable everytime they have a hard time sitting down. Contour Kabooti Ring Mobility Seat is highly appreciated because of its very helpful and miraculous features.

Sitting for long hours is stress free with Contour Kabooti Mobility Seat due to its wonders in relieving pain in your back and its aid in reducing pressure in your tailbone. If long hours of sitting are your eternal problem, Contour Kabooti Mobility Seat is your answer!