Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator

I made extensive research and read several reviews before I purchased the Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator. My objective in doing this is to ensure that I can find the best rollator out there. And after some legwork, I finally find the one that will fit to my needs, the Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator.

Unlike its aluminum counterparts, this rollator is a bit heavy. However, this is not an issue for me as it adds stability and strength, and makes up for the weight factor. With this model, I have never encountered issues regarding tipping like to most rollator that I have used before.

Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator Features

  • Hinged & Backrest: Like most Drive models, this four wheel rollator has removable hinged and padded backrest that seems to be the key features of all mobility devices. The only difference is that the hinge and backrests can be folded in both up and down directions.

  • Seat: This four wheel rollator comes with padded seat to ensure high level of comfort. It also comes with a basket that is truly useful for my personal items.

  • Casters: This Drive model of rollator has four 8-inch non-marring casters that make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Ergonomic Handles: The ergonomic handles of this rollator are adjustable and offers an easy grip. This makes it easier for me to maneuver on it even outdoors

  • Loops: The easy to use deluxe loops of this rollator add up to its value and convenience of use.

As I have said earlier, this rollator is a bit heavier than its aluminum counterparts. This weighs 17. 9 lbs and can carry a person who weighs 200lbs or more. The seat of this rollator has plenty of room, this measures 29.5 x 24 x 7.5 inches.

Drive Medical four wheel rollator with fold up removable back support is extremely solid and safe to use, and I was highly pleased with the convenience that it offers. This rollator brings significant improvement to the quality of life and mobility of people that will use this. The value of the money you spent in purchasing this rollator is also higher like what happened to me. If you had difficulties in mobility, or someone you love is unable to walks and stands alone, this four wheel rollator by drive Medical is the best.

To tell you honestly, I was hesitant to purchase this four wheel rollator before due to its price. The cost of this mobility device ranges from $100 to $110, which is a little bit expensive. There is less expensive mobility device out there that offer the same comfort and convenience and even lighter than this one. However, I still prefer this rollator due to the stability, durability, and improved safety that it provides. The build of this rollator is highly different from the others. I assure you that it can carry you no matter how much you weight. This is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, but I prefer t use this whenever I’m outside because I feel extremely safe sitting on it. Its build ensures that I will not fall even if I go on terrain ground.